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ICT Solutions have tendered for suppliers to be on a Multi Broadband supplier framework, effective from September 2022.  

The framework agreement is open to all education establishments (e.g., schools, academies, trusts, federations, adult Learning centres, nurseries, preschools, alternative provisions) to purchase from, within East of England (Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Essex) and Lincolnshire.

The scope of this framework agreement includes the supply, installation, management, maintenance, technical architecture, system design and project management associated with the provision of the services.

As part of this tender process, we have assessed suppliers' technical solutions, compliance against legislation, financial checks, and experience with working with educational establishments to meet your requirements and provide you with a framework to call off from to meet procurement regulations.

Our broadband suppliers

We are pleased to announce the following suppliers have been awarded a place on our framework:

Rydal Communications

Contact: Neville Nania


Download information about Rydal Communications (PDF) [841KB]

Talk Straight Ltd trading as Schools Broadband

Contact: Charlie Bennett


Information about Schools Broadband:

Schools Broadband and Norfolk Schools - Why Us? (PDF) [140KB]

Package Guidance for Schools (PDF) [1MB]

Safeguarding Information (PDF) [3MB]

Analytics and Reporting 2023 Flyer (PDF) [361KB]

Safeguarding 2023 Flyer (PDF) [780KB]

For schools, academies and trusts currently on the Updata Connection:

The Capita Updata contract is due to expire on 31st March 2024, and due to infrastructure changes to the current network, it will not be possible to continue with Capita Updata services in its current format after this date.

ICT Solutions have set up a project team to support all schools, academies and trusts in requesting quotes and migration to new suppliers and services.   

There is no obligation to purchase from this framework.

We have worked with Capita Updata on the exit planning and impacts of leaving the service early, as realistically we will need to start migrating services away during 2023. Capita have confirmed that 40% of the remaining contract term will be payable on migration to another provider, and our suppliers have advised on the ways they can help with this charge.

How do I go about switching suppliers?

We have created a  guide to the broadband migration (PDF) [193KB] to help explain the steps. 

Broadband Framework FAQ's

If you still have any questions, please read the  broadband framework FAQs document (PDF) [277KB]

For schools, academies and trusts with a different supplier:

The framework is free for you to use to carry out a direct award or run a mini competition against your requirements.

You do not need to come via ICT Solutions for quotes or support, your own teams can deal directly with the supplier.

If you would like to contact the suppliers for more information or quotations please see below, stating the Norfolk Framework to get the agreed pricing.

Download the Terms and Conditions

Schedule 2 - Service Specification v3 (PDF) [195KB]

Schedule 5 - Call off terms and conditions (PDF) [283KB]

Schedule 6 - Order Form (PDF) [162KB]

Schedule 8 - Safeguarding Policy and Code of Conduct (PDF) [136KB]