Allow or Deny Websites Directly

With the Netsweeper filtering solution schools can manage their own specific block and allow lists and have greater control than ever before.  ICTS4E can of course still access the system from our end and make changes on your behalf if required, but having school side access would mean quicker changes, as well as also giving you access to reports and log files should you require more information on internet access within the school.

When you have control yourselves over the allow and block lists you understandably need to take care what you are changing and have an agreed process of authorisation within the school.  You can have up to 3 logins to ensure you can share the responsibility.

If you would like to be able to allow or deny websites within school and have access to reports please email from the Headteachers email account, listing the 3 names/email addresses that require access and confirming you have read the information on this page.

The process of allowing and blocking sites is straightforward and detailed here, but these individuals should be aware of the level of responsibility required.  All changes are of course logged against each individual.


Other considerations:

  • All pupils should be taught age appropriate behaviours and safe searching techniques to support their learning
  • Even with school filtering in place, it is not guaranteed to be 100% effective and prior checks are essential
  • It is good practise for staff to evaluate websites before classroom use and staff should check the appropriateness of both the content and surrounding content. For example, if members of staff are using online video clips, they should ensure they are clear of any unsuitable content, including surrounding links and adverts. You should be aware that websites, search results etc. may be safe and appropriate one day but unsafe a day later
  • All pupils and staff should understand how to critically evaluate online content
  • You may wish to consult with your Governing body before submitting your request, so they are aware of the change