Google NSIX email accounts - terms of use

  • NSIX email accounts are only provided whilst a staff member is employed at or a student is in full time education at a School/Academy/Trust. At the time employment ceases or a student ceases full time education and their details are marked as such in the school’s MIS (Management Information System), it will trigger the deletion process of the account. It is the individual’s responsibility to move any content they wish to keep, before this happens (this includes emails along with any other content held within their GSuite applications including Google Drive).
    Please note: It may be the case that there is a School policy in place that forbids this practice and you must also be mindful of GDPR and whether you have the right to retain the information you intend to keep.
  • Email accounts are to be used for education purposes only and not for inappropriate purposes or for sending large amounts of SPAM. Any accounts found to be doing so will be suspended immediately.
  • Every effort should be made by anyone issued with an account to keep the password safe and not share it with anyone else.
  • If using a shared device you must remember to log out of the account and also close the browser you are using. Please note that when you log on to your Google NSIX account you will be directed to our Cloud Portal Logon page. This can provide single sign on access to a selection of applications. Logging out of an individual application does not guarantee ending your single sign-on session and you may still be able to access the Cloud Portal applications without logging in again. As a result, if your computer or device is being used by more than one user, we strongly recommend that you close your browser (all tabs and windows) to ensure that your single sign-in session is terminated. Further details about recommended browser settings can be found on the Norfolk Cloud Portal.
  • If an email account is configured on a personal device it should be password or pin protected to ensure the account is not accessed by unauthorised parties, especially in the event of it being lost. There may also be a School policy in place forbidding this.
  • Unless Groupcall Xporter is enabled, a School/Academy/Trust is required to send us up to date pupil and staff data from their MIS via a tab file, as outlined here. Even if there are no updates, we will still require up to date tab files every calendar month. Failure to provide these files will result in the suspension and deletion of accounts. Tab files will always need to include a full export of all pupils and all staff who require Google NSIX accounts.
  • If a School/Academy/Trust no longer wishes to use the email accounts then they need to notify us in writing immediately so that ICT Services 4 Education can remove the accounts and any associated staff and pupil data which is held on our Identity Management System.
  • Each School/Academy/Trust must have a nominated e-safety officer. A copy of any email which is sent or received by a NSIX email account which is flagged up by the e-safety process will be sent to the designated e-safety monitor(s) for the school the account is affiliated to. As a result, it is very important that staff and pupil data is up to date so that all accounts are affiliated to the correct school on our identity system and on Google.
  • The e-safety monitoring can be disabled for staff accounts if requested in writing by the Head/Principal. However, all pupil accounts must have monitoring enabled.
  • It is a school’s responsibility to ensure that ICT Services 4 Education are notified if their designated e-safety monitor changes.