Netsweeper Level 2 and 3 options


The basic Netsweeper offering is designed to replace our previous Smoothwall service, in that it simply provides one level of filtering for the whole school, which is enough for most schools.  If you are a school comfortable with technology and looking for more flexible solutions then you may want to consider the following.


Level 2 - Differing Student and Staff access levels


The categories and lists that make up your internet filtering are provided by Netsweeper Policies.  Although we have only activated one, there are in fact another five policies available in the system, and these can provide differing levels of access.


Before you are able to go to Level 2 you must have chosen to 'School Manage' your filtering.  This simply means that you can easily undertake simple tasks, like allowing or blocking websites, through nominated individuals in the school rather than having to send us an email from the Head@ account.


In the vast majority of schools the route your computers take to access the internet is defined by your proxy settings.  In Internet Explorer you can find these under:


Settings -> Internet options














Connections tab -> LAN Settings -> Proxy server














Here you see the address of our Netsweeper load balancer,, and the port, 8080.

If you amend the 'port' field to 8081, 8082, etc you will pick up a corresponding netsweeper policy, as per the example screenshot below taken from the 'Group Manager' section of Netsweeper.



= 8080

= 8081 

= 8082

= 8083

= 8084

= 8085


Within Netsweeper, if you click on the wf1 group, then the Policy tab, you will see a 'default' policy attached.  Click this and then the Categories tab.  The categories listed, as per the picture below, correspond to the relevant 'castes' that can be applied to this wf1 group and thus are what will be applied when selecting the 8081 port in your internet settings.  You will see that the wf1 group by default is set to the 'Staff' category list, which is equivalent to 'Adult' caste we had previously.



Full details of these categories can be found here


It is important therefore that the proxy settings on your computers are locked down so that pupils are not able to simply amend the settings themselves and get a different level of internet access.


If you wish to use Level 2 filtering please contact the Service Desk confirming in writing you have read these details and are ready to proceed with Level 2 filtering. 

We will then enable the extra ports so you can get started.


Level 3 - Active Directory Integration


Netsweeper has the ability to be connected to your Active Directory database in school and thus control filtering groups through your Windows Server console.  Whilst we have clear documented advice on implementing this it does need to be undertaken by an ICT professional who has experience managing a Windows Server.


Please contact us in the first instance via the Service Desk to log a case so we can plan for this implementation with you well in advance, and we will get the required documents out to you.