SIMS Parent Lite App


To help schools comply with the new GDPR regulations around data collection, accuracy and maintenance, Capita SIMS have created an easy-to-use, secure tool to help streamline the way schools collect and maintain parent and pupil data: the SIMS Parent Lite app. This is included as part of the SIMS annual entitlement fee, incurring no additional cost to schools who hold a SIMS core start-up kit licence and is available on iOS, Android and via a mobile enabled website. The SIMS Parent Lite app aids schools in managing data accuracy, upkeep and security in transit by enabling parents and staff to confirm data and update changes as required throughout the academic year.

The app allows parents to review and request changes to information such as medical details and dietary needs electronically, and thanks to a high level of customisation schools have the ability to control which data areas can be modified and add in additional free text areas to request further detail where needed.

Schools can use push notifications to alert parents when their input is required, and the electronic process removes the need for paper-based collection and storage systems, where records can easily be lost or damaged. This allows schools to be more proactive in the collection of data, and more responsive to information requests as they arise.

Empower parents

By taking this process online, schools give the power to the parents as they can keep their own data up-to-date and significantly reduce the administration process with the school.

With a simple to use interface and intuitive controls, the SIMS Parent Lite app reduces the need for extensive user login maintenance, without the need for your IT department. Parents have the ability to register and login with an existing email and quickly confirm their data or request modifications electronically.