Norfolk MIS Framework




The current Capita SIMS contract with Norfolk County Council expires on 31st March 2018 with no option to extend. 

In response to requests from our MIS contract and non MIS contracts customers, we are keen to offer a Multi MIS offering to give you more choice when selecting a MIS system to meet your future needs.


Norfolk County Council (NCC) are delighted to announce that we have procured a framework for The Provision of a Management Information System (MIS) for Schools, Academies and Free Schools and is available for you to use regardless of your current MIS contract or supplier from April 2018.


Norfolk Schools and Academies are not obliged to use this framework and can make alternative arrangements if they so wish.


We are very pleased that the following suppliers are now available on our Framework at competitive pricing with our support.











It is anticipated that schools will join the contract from September 2017 – September 2018 dependant on when your current MIS contract expires. 



Please contact our team by email to stating the number of pupils you currently have on roll for a competitive quote