Skype is an instant messaging and video chat application.  There are two versions, one for home use and the other for business use.
Skype (Personal) Skype for Consumers
Skype for Business Skype for Business

The Office 365 subscription you have through your generic email account (head@, office@, etc) enables you to use Skype for Business.  This is more secure as there are central controls over the system.  You will also benefit from the interaction with the other applications in the Office 365 package, such as it using your usual contact list within Outlook and the ability to collaborate on documents stored in that environment.

To obtain the installation file for Skype for Business simply log into the Office 365 portal  You will see an 'Install Software' option in the top right corner.  Click this and you will see the install for "Skype for Business 2015".  You may of course need your local IT administrators help to install the program if you do have the permissions to do this yourself.


What you need for a Skype Call

Once you want to start your journey with Skype in the Classroom and connect with classrooms and experts around the world you will need to make sure that you have...

  • A Norfolk Generic email account (i.e.
  • The Skype for Business software installed on your device
  • An internet connection
  • A webcam (external or internal on your device)
  • A microphone and speaker (external or internal) or, ideally, a headset

What next?

There are two ways we see Skype benefitting schools...