You Tube filtering controls


The ‘You Tube for Schools’ service we used for a number of years is no longer available as of July 1, 2016.  We have therefore switched schools who requested this service as part of the Netsweeper rollout to the new ‘Strict Restricted’ option.  Largely these services are very similar in that they only allow access to content that is considered safe for children.

If you currently do not have You Tube controls in place simply email us from your schools Head@ account to request this.  This is applied by Updata and will immediately take effect site wide.

If you wish to have differing levels of You Tube access you will need to implement the Netsweeper Level 2 and 3 options.

These controls however do not affect the You Tube app on Ipads.  For those devices we recommend the YouTube Kids app.



Iplayer filtering controls


BBC’s Iplayer does not have the same level of control that You Tube does, but there are two ways to control content.


  1. Allow only the CBBC and CBeebies versions of iplayer

You can block the main iplayer website, but allow the individual sites to ensure only suitable programs can be accessed.


  1. You can also set a ‘PG Lock’ (Parental Guidance) pin that would need to be entered each time someone attempted to access anything that may be unsuitable for children.

    The problem is that this needs to be set individually on each browser used on each PC.  Therefore we do not recommend this if you are trying to control Iplayer usage site wide.

    For more information see