YouTube filtering options


Following the upgrade to Netsweeper v6, the way in which YouTube is allowed has changed. Before, you would have simply added to your ‘local allow list’ and it would have worked. 

However, the way to allow it now has changed slightly with YouTube now having its own category, which can be allowed/blocked. If you manage your own Netsweeper filtering, to do so, carry out the following steps as outlined here.


YouTube for Kids

If you are wishing to use YouTube on tablets, such as iPads, don’t forget that YouTube for Kids is an option available and can be found for Apple devices here and Android devices here.


YouTube for Education

If you wish to implement YouTube for Education, whereby videos are restricted to those only allowed on a defined playlist we would simply request an email from the head teacher/principal to to request its implementation. A request will then be made to Updata to implement this for your site. 


YouTube accessible to staff members only

If you wish to grant access to staff members and not students then you may wish to implement Level 2 or Level 3 access which is outlined here.



Iplayer filtering controls


BBC’s Iplayer does not have the same level of control that You Tube does, but there are two ways to control content.


  1. Allow only the CBBC and CBeebies versions of iplayer

You can block the main iplayer website, but allow the individual sites to ensure only suitable programs can be accessed.


  1. You can also set a ‘PG Lock’ (Parental Guidance) pin that would need to be entered each time someone attempted to access anything that may be unsuitable for children.

    The problem is that this needs to be set individually on each browser used on each PC.  Therefore we do not recommend this if you are trying to control Iplayer usage site wide.

    For more information see