G Suite for Education Support


G Suite for Education provides users with access to a suite of online software applications to support the learning experience in education. The Google Apps include spreadsheet, word processing, presentation tools as well as a range of Apps designed specifically for education.

Google Apps Support is available from ICT Services to help you get the most out of Google Apps.  Now including half day on-site support to help you get the most from Google Apps or set up a new Google App such as Google Classroom.

Benefits of the G Suite for Education Support

• G Suite for Education is provided 24/7, 365 days a year except when undertaking planned maintenance.

• Support by ICT between the hours of 08:00 and 17:00 Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays).

• Supports collaboration through the real-time ability to share and edit documents, calendars and sites as well as social networking tools such as Google blogs

• Google continually add new tools to this service for users to innovate

• The variety and range of Google Apps for Education offer a vast choice of products for schools to use innovatively to support effective learning as well as the flexibility to try different tools for different purposes


What is included in the G Suite for Education Support Package

• Support for the following Google packages

• Google Play for Education is an extension of Google Play designed for schools. Here educators can discover Android and Chrome apps approved by teachers for teachers, as well as educational videos and a collection of classic books for their classroom.

• Access to Google and support guides geared to using Google in the school environment

• A ½ day on-site support training session to get the most out of G Suite for Education

• A cloud service that is fully compliant with GDPR - click here for more details


Google for education is compliant with EU data protection law. All data is stored within the EU at Googles very own EU data centres compliant with ISO 27001 standards. In addition, Google has also been certified against the DfE Cloud Supplier framework in relation to the DPA implications of using their service, and have also provide additional clarity in respect of the technical configuration of their service and the support infrastructure they have in place to assist UK schools in the event of some serious and unforeseen issue in relation to the use of their cloud service.