Hosted SIMS


ICT Services has contracted with Capita SIMS in a long term partnership to provide Hosted SIMS for all your school management functions anytime, anywhere.


Capita and ICT Services are committed to providing a variety of support options to help your school exploit your investment in SIMS so you can use meaningful, real-time information to manage your school or Academy.  We have worked with other LA teams to create templates in SIMS to make your life easier to process data to the LA as well as to avoid the need to purchase additional software tools.


With Hosted SIMS your SIMS database will be securely hosted at a Microsoft Azure hosting centre, removing the need for a dedicated SIMS server in school. As part of this fully-managed service all upgrades and backups will be carried-out by us to ensure that your system is working at optimum efficiency. This flexible approach to the management of your MIS gives you the freedom to focus on improving outcomes across your school.


Benefits of the SIMs Support Package

• Remote access to SIMS from any internet connected device, supporting flexible working for teaching and non-teaching staff

• Securely hosted SIMS solution in Capita’s servers – so all your data is securely hosted, meaning all authorised users can access and securely update the information from any computer, anywhere, anytime (except during planned maintenance)

• No additional server is required in school as the solution is Cloud based

• The Norfolk solution automatically generates new user IDs and passwords in other systems, such as Google, supporting single sign on. This saves administration time in school for creating user accounts and passwords for other supported systems.

• Automatic upgrades are applied by Capita directly, which negates the need for local/manual upgrade within school systems

• Compatible with 3rd party software

What is included in the SIMs Support Package?

• Quality first line product support by ICT Services for Primary schools and direct from Capita for Secondary schools this service is available between the hours:
08.00 to 17.00 - Monday to Friday (excluding NCC, Statutory and Bank Holidays)

• The new Hosted SIMS platform which includes SIMS Core Suite, SIMS Dinner Money, SIMS Programmes of Study Assessment module and SIMS Discover.

• ICT Services with Capita provide support workshops to provide continuous support and guidance for forthcoming events e.g. census, end of rollover etc.

• Continual feature developments with Capita in order to enhance the system and develop reports to meet new statutory requirements.

• User friendly interface, accessible anytime, anywhere via an Internet connection for authorised users.

• Pupil and staff data in one location providing centralised management information

• Password protected access to MIS

• Resources and support guides

• A ½ day support visit and an additional ½ day visit for new secretary training (if required)


Optional Extras


• SIMS InTouch – A premium feature to manage and send text messages to parents and members of staff

• SIMS Agora – A premium feature to payments into the school from parents, also includes full integration with SIMS Dinner Money

Please contact the ICT Service Desk on 0845 303 3003 (Option 2) or email our Customer Relationship Team at if you wish to discuss your school’s requirements for tailored solutions.