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ICT Academy Refresh Programme 2017 - 2021

Details of the new 'ICT Academy Refresh Programme 2017 - 2021' are now available.  


ICT Refresh Programme 2014 - 2018

The main objective of the ICT Refresh Programme is to ensure your school’s ICT underpins your schools vision, supports your school’s plans for pupil achievement through effective planning and budgeting over a 4 year period.


The key aims of Refresh are to:


• Plan for sustainable ICT to meet your school’s objectives for learning and teaching

• Supports the Computing Curriculum

• Review the value of your ICT assets and maximise their use in school

• Plan the financial spend to deliver your priorities and make the most of available funds

• Keep you up to date with emerging technologies to inform future planning

• Enable you to develop the solution over the period of the Refresh cycle as your requirements change and technologies emerge

• Provide a project managed service which delivers all the above and saves you the time in managing this is in school

• Offer professional advice to support the creation of your school’s vision and support your school’s planning

• Offer a training assessment analysis and continual professional development 4 year programme for your staff

Your programme, your choice


YOU decide the ICT provision required to meet the schools vision within available budget so that ICT is consistently updated to maintain a standard which is equitable across the school. This approach considers the impact of buying technologies on future budgets forecast to meet school’s outcomes and is not given purely by new technology which is unaffordable to sustain.

We will take care of the administration and tailor the solution to mirror your 4 year business planning or aspirations, saving you time and money. Our individual school’s planning process means minimal disruption in school.

Benefit from our partners’ skills and expertise


Your personal Project Manager, in consultation with you and our other partners will plan and define the ICT to support your school’s vision and objectives.

We offer the expertise from our teaching professionals to support creation of your vision. We can assess your training needs and match the continual professional development to turn your vision into reality.

Our industry experts will offer a wide catalogue choice of exciting and innovative technologies to support the computing curriculum as well as enhance the overall teaching and learning experience in school and make sure you have the right tools to do the job in school.

Our global partners, HP, Microsoft, Google, Apple Education BT, and Capita as well as E2BN are working with us, bringing to our Refresh community their professional expertise to develop solutions which deliver excellence in education. Their skills will support schools to get the most from their investment.

The programme is designed for use by existing ICT contracted schools, and there is no additional administration fee for the Refresh Programme.

We can offer a solution to all schools, academies, partnerships and trusts.

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Please contact the ICT Service Desk on 0845 303 3003 (Option 2) or email our Customer Relationship Team at ictcontractsteam@norfolk.gov.uk if you wish to discuss your school’s requirements for tailored solutions.