SIMS Dinner Money


Managing school meals can be a complex task, without having to worry about the administration around it. SIMS Dinner Money provides an easy-to-use solution to manage and report on school meals efficiently. Dinner Money allows your school to record, monitor and share pupil meal choices and track the financial aspects automatically.


All pupil and staff information is derived from your core SIMS database and with a direct link to SIMS Attendance, whether a pupil is present, absent or has gone home sick, your school canteen will know what’s happening.


All of these features will allow schools to transfer information to their kitchen quickly, and will give schools more time to focus on educating children in the knowledge that their dietary needs are being satisfied.


Tested and proven beneficial in schools and academies country-wide, SIMS Dinner Money is a simple answer that will streamline your processes and quickly pay for itself. 




  • Record and manage UIFSM - Dinner Money reports can identify Universal Infant Free School Meal numbers separately from paid and Free School Meals, ensuring that all school records are accurate and reflect changes in government policy. 
  • Links with SIMS Attendance – Once linked with Dinner Money, recording a pupil as present in SIMS Attendance will automatically select the default meal choice for that pupil on that day. 
  • Free School Meals and meal patterns - Schools can set default meal patterns and manage pupil Free School Meal eligibility, ensuring the kitchen has all the information it needs for lunchtime every day. 
  • Monitor and manage debt - In the case of any outstanding monies, schools are able to set up their own templates for debtor and creditor letters, which can be printed and sent to parents. Where schools use SIMS InTouch, letters can be automatically sent via email directly to parents or carers. 
  • Comprehensive reporting and auditing - Combine information on pupils and staff, meals and payments, term dates and non-teaching days automatically, and build letters and reports you need to deliver. 
  • Customise your pupils’ dietary requirements - Customise the menu so your school or academy can create its own meals – you can tailor your menus for healthy eating, specific diets or special occasions.



Sims Dinner Money is part of our offered SIMS School Information Management System Package and Support.