SIMS Discover


The ability to easily access and share your school’s most important performance data is key to your pupils’ continual progress. School inspectors want to see that your school can identify trends in performance, set up interventions if gaps start to emerge and see evidence of progression made. The award-winning SIMS Discover enables you to effortlessly analyse your SIMS information, so you can closely monitor your whole school’s performance.


You can clearly present data graphically with simple drag and drop actions, using Venn diagrams, bar and pie charts and line graphs. You can also drill down into your pupil information, giving you all the details to hand to help make critical decisions.




  • Track your Pupil Premium children - ensure you are closing the gap with your Pupil Premium children by tracking behaviour, attendance and attainment trends over time. You can review termly trends over one year or a period of three years.
  • Provide the evidence you need to Ofsted and governors - SIMS Discover has a graphical format which makes it easier for you to pull off information to provide to inspectors and governors. You can also export or copy your graphs in Word, PowerPoint and Excel, which can be useful for school reports.
  • Drill down into your data - You can drill down into your information to reveal pupil names behind the numbers and find out more about your children with additional needs, such as SEN or gifted and talented pupils.
  • Analyse progress and attainment by different groups of children - Identify your disadvantaged children and monitor their key performance indicators such as reviewing their attendance, behaviour and rewards. When you’ve identified a group, you can look at a characteristic, such as behaviour, and the system will recognise who drops out of this group. You can make the group dynamic to automatically receive alerts when the system detects any changes.
  • Pull key information from SIMS instantly - Get the information you need at the click of a button, with pre-defined graphs, such as A level examination and key stage attainment graphs, achievements by half term, attendance, student bullying incidents by type, whole school graphs and the student totals by key pastoral factors. 
  • Simple drag and drop interface - The SIMS Discover screen allows you to choose from a bank of predefined and customisable graphs and drag them onto the workspace. By simply clicking and dragging segments of graphs, you can create a Venn diagram in a few simple steps to cross reference information in your school.
  • Monitor specific groups of pupils - Easily set up dynamic groups of pupils to monitor performance. Simply define your criteria, e.g. less than 90% attendance and more than 50 behaviour points. These identified strategic groups can then also be used within SIMS for analysis in SIMS Assessment Manager, attendance, exams and SIMS InTouch communications.
  • Receive automatic alerts - Allow staff to receive automatic alerts notifying them of significant changes in data, including pupil performance and behaviour and changes to specific groups.



SIMS Discover is part of our offered SIMS School Information Management System Package and Support.