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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: ATF's for Primary Schools for 2019/2020

Posted on 28/06/2019 10:19:11

As you will be aware, National Offer Day was 16th April for your new 2019/2020 Primary school intake. In the past this has been in the form of an ATF (Admission Transfer File) sent to you securely via AnyComms Plus.


However, this year the files will not be sent by ourselves and will need to be downloaded via the SAM (School Access Module) which you will have access to. If you have any queries regarding your intake in the first instance please contact your Admissions Officer and for all queries regarding the School Access Module please refer to the guidance sent to you from the Admissions Team at Norfolk County Council. The ATF was sent to you on or around the period of 16th April.


For those schools with our MIS support, we have guides available on the support section of our website to help you import your new pupil data into your MIS.