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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Full Fibre boost for Norfolk businesses, including schools

Posted on 28/02/2019 12:30:54

Thousands of Norfolk businesses will be able to benefit from ultrafast broadband after Norfolk County Council secured £8m from the UK Government Digital, Culture, Media & Sport department’s Local Full Fibre Network (LFFN) fund. The £8m funding is part of an £11m programme to upgrade more than 370 of Norfolk’s public-sector buildings to the latest ultrafast connection speeds. It will enable 230 schools, 108 Norfolk County Council Corporate buildings (including 38 libraries) and 34 fire stations to be upgraded to gigabit (1,000 mbps) fibre internet connections within two years.

As a result of the scheme, thousands of Norfolk businesses will be able to benefit from lower fibre connection costs by using private funding to access the upgraded fibre network. They can also apply to a voucher scheme that will provide up to £2,500 per business to fund their connection and pay the first-year running costs.

Cllr Tom FitzPatrick, Chairman of Norfolk County Council’s Digital Innovation and Efficiency Committee, said: "This funding will deliver significant digital infrastructure across the county, in addition to what the County Council has already delivered. Ensuring that Norfolk has the digital connectivity it needs to build a thriving economy is a priority for us. "I would like to thank officers at the County Council for their hard work in ensuring that we were awarded this funding and the businesses who supported this bid. I am pleased this scheme will benefit them as well as provide vastly improved services."