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E-safety monitoring for all schools with Google nsix email - Update

Posted on 11/09/2017 13:07:51

We have recently reviewed the e-safety set up for all schools that have Google nsix email accounts to ensure that all schools have monitoring set up and that their e-safety contacts are up to date. 

Overview: As part of the Google nsix email service we provide e-safety monitoring for all emails that are sent to and from your school’s nsix Google email accounts.  Our e-safety monitoring flags up any emails that are potentially of concern and sends a copy to the designated e-safety monitors at the school for review. Please note that e-safety monitoring can never be 100% accurate and emails with no content of concern can be flagged up by the process from time to time. 

Before the summer break we asked all schools with Google nsix accounts to complete the form below. Thank you for all of the responses. However, if you have not completed the form and still want to set your designated e-safety contacts then please complete the form as soon as possible.

Form link: Google nsix email e-safety contacts

We have now completed the e-safety configuration, setting the contacts up based on the form responses where they were completed and using the head@ ( or equivalent )  email address for all schools that have not completed the form and have no existing e-safety contacts set up.

You may find the following pages on our website useful to manage e-safety monitoring if you are a designated e-safety monitor:

  • If you have provided your nsix Google address as the e-safety contact then this page provides details on how to set up a filter on Google mail to add a label to e-safety flagged emails: Google nsix email e-safety monitoring guidance
  • If you have provided an nsix Google account as your designated e-safety manager then you have the ability to update your e-safety Google group directly and add/remove e-safety contacts in the future: Managing your Google nsix email e-safety group