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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Review of Updata Network

Posted on 17/12/2018 12:08:06

Following two outages which impacted schools' in previous months, Updata carried out a Service Improvement Plan. We have recently received the following information from them which we would like to share with you.  


Network Service Review and subsequent Actions taken, Improvements and Upgrades Proposed

Updata recognises the network connectivity service has experienced instability issues recently, which while Updata has responded to within its managed service, it recognises these have warranted a full review of its network services to understand route causes and provide proposed mitigation. In conjunction with, and support from Norfolk County Council, this process initiated with a full and independent network solution review, identifying actions, improvements and/or upgrades that are now warranted in order to provide the robust and stable network schools require and now expect from its network/ISP provider.


These actions, improvements and upgrades include:


  • Adding specific resilience configuration around specific nodes in the Costessey/Drayton/Aylsham areas

  • Adding/improving traffic management configuration (QoS - Quality of Service) rules at specific points in the network to mitigate and manage unusual traffic peaks/congestion

  • Upgrading core switch infrastructure with the latest technology increasing capacity at key points in the network

  • Improving firewalls with fast-failover configuration

  • Improving traffic visibility by introducing Netflow monitoring helping to identify top-talkers/congestion points earlier

  • Including specific/targeted internet traffic within Updata’s Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) solution for previously attacked sites

  • Planned upgrade to integrated Netsweeper internet proxy service for schools

Updata would like to re-affirm its commitment to the schools, academies and education services in Norfolk in providing stable network and filtering/secure internet services.  

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Service Desk opening hours over the Christmas period

Posted on 05/12/2018 15:36:12

To reflect the reduced demand on the Service Desk over the Christmas holiday period, we will be changing the opening hours to reflect this. The opening hours will be as follows:


December 19th, 20th, 21st - 08:00 to 16:00

December 24th - 08:00 to 12:00

December 27th, 28th, 31st - 10:00 to 14:00


Normal opening hours of 08:00 to 17:00 will resume on Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019.


For more information please contact the Service Desk on 0845 303 3003 or ict@norfolk.gov.uk


We would like to wish all our customers a Merry Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year!


Intel CPU Shortage – Impact on new orders

Posted on 28/11/2018 12:39:56

We have been made aware via suppliers and manufacturers that there is a worldwide shortage of Intel Processors due to high demand, which is causing a backlog and delays. Due to this, stock is being procured by large companies and prices are rising. We are currently estimating 6-8 weeks delivery lead times for new orders. If your school requires any urgent replacement of equipment, please let us know as soon as possible and we will try to source limited channel stock. In the meantime we will continue to monitor and seek alternative sourcing routes.