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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Change to encrypted emails sent from Norfolk County Council

Posted on 04/12/2017 14:24:17

From 01/12/2017, any encrypted emails sent from Norfolk County Council employees (those emails ending in @norfolk.gov.uk) will now be using the Microsoft Encryption service, rather than the Sophos SPX method. The benefit of this is that with Sophos SPX emails the recipient had to register for the service and this will no longer be required, so no more forgotten user names or passwords. Typically emails will be sent from HR and ICT Services 4 Education.

A guide is available on our website and can be accessed via the following link - https://ict.norfolk.gov.uk/page.aspx?ID=1186


For more information please contact the Service Desk on 0845 303 3003 or email ict@norfolk.gov.uk


Information Management Compliance Solutions Service (IMCSS) for Schools and Academies

Posted on 23/11/2017 12:12:06

As part of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), coming into effect from 25th May 2018, Norfolk County Council will be offering Schools, Academies & Colleges an IM Compliance Solutions Service (IMCSS).

The service will be fully available from 1st April 2018. As we appreciate you may need support before this time, we will be offering a day rate consultancy service from January 2018.  We will also be publishing self-service advice via policy guidance and Frequently Asked Questions.

The service will provide 4 levels of service – Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze from April 2018. Platinum will be the complete offering, down to Bronze an ad-hoc consultancy service paying a day rate. 

The various levels of service will cover Data Protection (incl. Data Protection Officers), Access to Information Requests (i.e. Freedom of Information Requests), Information Security (i.e. cyber security) and Best Practice.

We are currently finalising the different service offerings and pricing and these will be available by end of the Autumn term.  The service will be available to purchase via S4s.norfolk.gov.uk under ICT Services for Education.

The GDPRis compliance portal is already available for you to purchase on S4s.norfolk.gov.uk under ICT Services for Education for you to start preparing for GDPR.

For further information please contact the IMCSS service via email IMCSS@norfolk.gov.uk

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Norfolk MIS Framework - Deadline Date - 31/12/2017

Posted on 16/11/2017 10:37:36


The current Capita SIMS contract with Norfolk County Council expires on 31st March 2018 with no option to extend.  In response to requests from our MIS contract and non MIS contracts customers, we are keen to offer a Multi MIS offering to give you more choice when selecting a MIS system to meet your future needs. 

Norfolk County Council (NCC) have procured a framework for The Provision of a Management Information System (MIS) for Schools, Academies and Free Schools and is available for you to use regardless of your current MIS contract or supplier. Norfolk Schools and Academies are not obliged to use this framework and can make alternative arrangements if they so wish. 


The following suppliers are now available on our Framework at discounted pricing:

  • Capita SIMS
  • Pupil Asset
  • RM Integris
  • Scholarpack
  • Bromcom


If you attended one of the supplier days held in July or September, you will have already received pricing for each option. The pricing you have received is based on Norfolk pricing and includes LA support for Primaries and Specials. 

If you did not attend and would like to receive pricing please let us know.  We will need to know the number of pupils currently on roll.


If you wish to stay with Capita SIMS:

This will not be automatic so you will need to advise us of your intention to stay with SIMS.

If you wish to move to another MIS supplier:

To aid plans during early 2018, we are encouraging our existing SIMS MIS contract schools who wish to move MIS to make a decision on the Framework by 31 December 2017 to allow for any migration/training activity to be planned in with the supplier during February/March 2018.

Please do not place an order direct with the supplier if you wish to use the Norfolk Framework pricing.  


For more information please contact the Service Desk on 0845 303 3003 or ict@norfolk.gov.uk